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Reward Based, R+ Training

Brioso's Way R+ Horse Play

Let the games begin! If you are ready to take your relationship with your animals to a new level, R+ games are for you. I call this Positive Reinforcement R+ immersion, "Meet Me at the Gate." You will connect with beautiful horses in our wooded natural sanctuary to learn about the foundation clicker games. The horses will literally meet us at the gate with bright eyes. What you take away on your own may be your call to new adventures with your own animals. The R+ techniques I teach are supported by science to be more humane and effective than using negative or aversive methods. Brioso, my young horse, showed me that we can communicate so much better by reinforcing desired behavior, and not making a big deal about mistakes. Everyone has more fun this way! We will start with basic rope handling. Would you like to halter and lead the horse, bathe, walk through obstacles together, or practice activities at liberty? These are all possible! To conclude our session we will return the horse to his paddock or pasture, show gratitude, then relax with refreshments and a closing discussion, which may include questions, homework, and scheduling more sessions. Private 1.5 hour Session: $85.00. Schedule a 6-pack and get 7th session free. Message for group pricing. 

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Hi Wendee, I am delighted to award you Non Ridden Equine Friendly status. Please find attached an image for you to use on your website and marketing. 

Kindest regards – Vicki Jayne Yates BA Hons  

Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Author and Founder of The Non Ridden Equine Association UK

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