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Reiki with the Herd: Welcome

Reiki with the Herd

Kathleen Prasad's Let Animals Lead®

This is an introduction to Reiki with animals. When practicing the Let Animals Lead® method, we do not put our hands on the horses until they request touch. And, they will! They usually breathe with us, and show us where they'd like our hands. We will start on the overlook for refreshments, discussion, and then the opening grounding meditation. I will tell you about the Reiki precepts and how they apply to animals. I will guide you every step of the way with breathing, and visualization. Afterwards we will walk into the pasture to share space with the horses. You will feel an uplifting energy exchange. Being around horses will make you feel incredible! To close our experience, we will thank the horses in their pasture, return to the deck, and relax with a final meditation, focusing on the peaceful heart-to-heart connection that was established today. Private 1.5 hour Session: $85.00. Schedule a 6-pack and get 7th session free. Message for group pricing.

Email Wendee 

If you would like to be certified in Animal Reiki Source Levels 1,2, and 3 I am certified to teach that too!

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Congratulations to Animal Reiki Source Academy Shoden & Animal Reiki: Level 1 Graduates!
Elizabeth Pinkerton, Julie Webb, and Phaedra Rosario, with Gus the dog. 
email: Wendeeandfriends@gmail to sign up for Reiki 1-3 classes.

Reiki with the Herd: News

Congratulations to graduates of Animal Reiki Source, Let Animals Lead® Okuden & Animal Reiki Level 2 teachers and practitioners!

In these troubling times, It was an honor to deepen the practice, breathe, chant, draw symbols, and learn distance Reiki with Julie Webb, Elizabeth Pinkerton, and Phaedra Rosario this weekend. Our animal teachers Mustang Yogi, Brioso, Arteiro, Pinky and Ben enjoyed the loving kindness and hands on attention. 

I dedicated this weekend in  gratitude to my grandmother Adelia “Dee” Marvin Walker. I sent my first level 1 and 2 students home with a healing aloe vera plant, descended from a bigger plant Grandma Walker had gifted me in 1990! 

In the words of my teacher Kathleen Prasad, “We are standing at a powerful tipping point in history: for humans, for animals and for the environment. Let's lean into kindness with courage, just as our Animal Reiki practice teaches us, and I know we will be able to forge a new way forward filled with peace and justice for all.”

Part of class fees benefit Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) and Sunrise Horse Rescue in Calistoga, California. 

Reiki with the Herd: About
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