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“Wendee loves to show people and horses how to have fun with each other, and will teach you how to say “yes” to your horse instead of “no” and create a better relationship. Wendee has attended more horse training clinics than anyone I know, and has shared many insights with me on equine behavior and training through the years.  She showed me how to get my mare to stop mugging me for treats in 5 minutes!”


"I have been working with Wendee and her horses for the last several years and her dedication to Reiki, healing and the care of her animals is tops. Wendee is the perfect person to lead you down the path of healing. Her horses are wonderful to be around and her land is magical. With her knowledge and experience as a teacher, you will explore and learn wonderful new things!"


"Spending time with Wendee and her horses at her stunning ranch is truly a transformative experience. As an integrative physician, I have been interested in many types of meditation and energetic techniques to help patients with stress, the greatest affliction in today’s world. But the sacred Reiki-space Wendee has created around horses gave me a new understanding of mindfulness and inner balance—all through fun and novel interactions with her noble horses. This is an experience not to be missed for anyone who needs healing on any level or just wants to connect with the beautiful spirit of a horse. Wendee is a gifted horse whisperer. She is also a wonderful teacher on how animals can help us reconnect with nature and our own inner wisdom. You will leave her tranquil piece of paradise feeling better than if you had spent a day in a local spa." Dr. JoAnne Lombardi


I always feel safe and learn more about myself when I visit Wendee and the herd. Meditating with the horses is definitely a mutual time of relaxation. The connection I felt with Mustang Yogi while hiking the "Secret Trail" was magic. I'll be back.


"It was a super special experience!" Noa

"Wendee is awesome and the method fun and thoughtful. I am so glad I found this experience and had the instincts to work it in. I am not one to give testimonials but I highly recommend this experience." James

"This is a wonderful, special, once-in-a-lifetime experience...hard to describe but worthy of simply trying it for yourselves. Wendee is a most wonderful host in every way. The horses are so inviting and special as well. I recommend this for small groups of friends and also for intimate partner connections. We were a mom-daughter pair, which was great, yet this could also be a wonderful opportunity for couples, etc." Yonat

"I have never before written a public review however, if you are like me and have always thought horses seem cool but you are a little afraid of them, this is the experience for you! By the time I left I was calling myself a ‘horse person.’ Truly, a fantastic morning and Wendee couldn’t be nicer or more genuine." Brian


Fords Double Trouble (Hudson) is a 4 year old Registered Palomino Tennessee Walker who came out of Kentucky. He was freaked out, greener than green, with only 30 days of training. Suspicious would best describe him. I was 50 and hadn’t had a horse since high school. I have dedicated my life to doing right by Hudson. At first Hudson was afraid to get in the trailer. The standard “run him in circles ‘til he wants to rest at the trailer” did not work, as confirmed by 2 well respected professionals. Wendee had me go a different direction. It took a lot of time and patience but it worked. I throw the rope over his back and he jumps right in. By giving him choice, he was empowered to make the decision for himself. For 9 years now, trailer loading has been a breeze.


I was referred to Wendee by a mutual friend, someone who knew Wendee from her high school teaching days.  She offers more than Writing with the Herd: she offers new, healthier ways to approach your relationship to animals and to the rest of your life.  She has faced challenges herself, and so approaches her work in a compassionate, grounded manner.  Whether you’re looking for positive reinforcement clicker training, writing practice, or Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki, Wendee will help you do it in a way that integrates what you learn with who you are as a person.  Her teaching experience shows in her work:  she knows how to plan a lesson or experience that never feels rushed, and she knows just when to suspend her plans because some more important lesson or experience has arisen in the moment—from a horse, or a cat, or another student!  That is a kind of wisdom I strive for in my own work. 

- Julie Webb, Lutheran (ELCA) pastor and animal communicator

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