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Write with the Herd

UNPLUG - Grounding Meditation, Prompts, and Time to Write

This is your call to adventure! Fun for couples, birthday or bridal parties, and writers groups. Our ranch is nestled in the mountains above Napa Valley, dappled with oaks and redwoods. As you drive up the winding narrow roads, use all of your senses. Take in the fragrance of trees and notice the terraced vineyards along your journey. When you arrive, we’ll have light refreshments on the overlook, and you can tell me about your expectations, emotions, goals, or fears in regards to horses and writing. I'll lead us in a breathing and grounding meditation, an opening prompt, and then we will walk down to meet the horses. Weather permitting, we will continue our writers workshop in the pasture. I call this writing with the herd experience, "Meet me at the Gate" because you will be greeted by the herd, and inspired to write. What you take away on your own may be your call to new adventures. The physical act of writing with pen and paper exercises different learning pathways in the brain than writing on your laptop. I will guide you through a series of prompts as well as equine guided activities. We will discuss rope handling skills, and compare our feel for the rope with our feel for the pen. Would you like to halter and lead the horse, bathe, walk through obstacles together, or practice activities at liberty? These are all possible! To close our session we may return the horse to his paddock or pasture, show gratitude, then relax with more refreshments and a final writing prompt, focusing on the peaceful heart-to-heart connection that was established today. 

Private 1.5 hour Session: $85.00. Schedule a 6-pack and get 7th session free. Message for group pricing. 

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