Resources and Inspirations

 Always Evolving, Clinics and sites I recommend:

Loraine Cheatham Foundation Training 


(10 Day Whole Horse Clinic and Online Membership)

Linda Tellington Jones

Arielle Krause (Videos)

Jillian Kreinbring

Alexandra Kurland

Karin Leibbrant DVM

Micaela Love Clinics and Coaching

Andrea Mills (Videos)

Manolo Mendez

Jeff Moore

Andrew Murphy

Debranne Patillo’s Equinology® Approach Massage for the Horse Owner

Erica Posely

Kathleen Prasad, Let Animals Lead®  Animal Reiki Source

Jenni Purcell

Mark Rashid clinician, author and musician

The Carolyn Resnick Method with Robin Gates in Sonoma County, CA

Thomas and Shana Ritter (Online Classes and Marcella Becker Clinic)

Warwick Schiller (Online Membership)

Klaus Schoneich

Straightening the Crooked Horse Book and Clinic

The late Major Miguel Tavora lives on 

with the teaching of Nicole Prows 

at the Red Barn Palo Alto, CA

My Credentials include:

Animal Reiki Source Let Animals Lead® "Equine Reiki Day" and Levels 1-3

California Teaching Credentials for: Multiple Subject K-12 

English Language Arts

Mindful Schools: Mindfulness Fundamentals, Difficult Emotions, Mindful Schools Curriculum


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